Here are where I will place my witterings on matters geekiness. 


Started playing with Sure 2024 Tripath Amps

1210870320279845485I bought the Sure Tripath amps a while ago.  I have intentions of modding them to improve the sound and then using them as part of my next amplifier project.  This weekend I started playing with them.  you can look at my mini review of the product here


Click Here for the Mini Review

Click Here for the DC Offset Modification


 Expect a review and an article or two detailing how to mod them in the next few days.


I have 5 of the stereo amps, which will  give me 10 channels for the next amp.  Thats a channel for every driver on my Mission 753 speakers.  I intend actively filtering the whole setup for maximum amplifier damping.


These Sure amps are incredibly cheap at $22 each! 

My KADA 852 Solderstation Arrives


Yesterday I received a new addition to my toolbox family.  A gift from my parents, amd a very much anticipated one at that!  A Kada 852D Smt rework station. 

 I will soon produce a mini review of the Kada solder station with my impressions on what is a fairly cheap station.

Initial impressions are good, though with cheap you get some compromises.


I have prepared a small review for anyone considering purchasing this machine



Commodore Watch Arrived

2772_3Got an early birthday present today, A commodore LED wrist watch, Circa 1975.

 I don't know why I have wanted one of these for so long, but I am chuffed to bits with it.

My partner Janice bought it for me for the special day, though I have received it a few days early.  She purchased it from flea-bay, and I must say that the seller is to be recommended.  Phil was most helpful when her pay-pal account mysteriously decided to limit payment options to e-cheque for the purchase (happened to me a while back when I replaced a broken credit card).  If you by some miracle stumble upon this blog, Thank you from me.  You went beyond the call of duty to ensure I got my birthday present on time! 

Not only that, the watches he has are New Old Stock, and the emphasis is on New here.  The watch was still in its original box, with plastic cover on the lens.  Phil even had fitted a new battery, and set the date and time.  He supplied extra links for the watch and a replacement plastic face. 

It came with a copy of the instructions which boast.

  • 5 functions (hour, minute, month, day and.... wait for it..... seconds)
  • Stainless steel bracelet
  • Stainless steel back
  • Base metal (rare and precious base metal no doubt) case
  • Magnifying lens
  • Only looses 15s per month

It might not be everyone's bag, but I am in Geek Heaven!  Thanks Janice

Anyone out there fancies a vintage 1975 timepiece, Visit The 70's LED Watch Shop for a splendid retro timepiece.  (This sounds like an ad, promise that I have no affiliation other than customer with this e-bay store)

My birthday is on Tuesday, I have heard a rumour that my other presents may be just as geeky.  Watch this space!


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