profile_picWelcome to Justblair's Audio and Electronics hobby site. Please bear with me as the website builds some content.

At Justblair's we intend to provide articles detailing the success's and failures of electronics projects, audio projects and all things DIY electronics related. Amplifiers, DACs, CD players, Speakers and plenty more as time goes on.

Not all the articles will be my own creations, contributions are welcome from hobbyists like myself that wish to detail their creations. The idea is that articles should both be informative, entertaining and educational. This is a site that I hope will be useful to anyone undertaking an electronic project.


{include_content_item 45}I intend offering an online store to dispose of my surplus parts, and eventually open this up to others who wish to do the same.


Electronics is an engaging hobby, that thanks to kits, books and educational websites is accessible to the absolute beginner. I am building a directory of links to web resources and other hobbyists sites that hopefully you will find as useful as I have.


Thank you for dropping by and I hope that you will continue to visit (and perhaps contribute) as the site evolves.


Yours faithfully

Blair Thompson
(AKA Justblair)