4*100 watt @ 4ohm, TK2050 D-class Audio Amplifier

1251539439806260352  I’m having a difficult time keeping up with Sure Electronics.  Just as I have managed to have a listen to their recent 2*100 watt board, Sure announces a 4*100 Watt amplifier.  Based on the same components, a whopping 4 channels are available. 

Perfect for bi-amping a stereo pair of speakers this looks promising.  Sure have attempted something similar to this in the past, with some Diyers complaining of high background noise.  Well we will just have to see how they have got on.  Improvements are evident in their stereo design and Sure seem to be learning from their success and failures.

When will we get to hear this new amplifier?  Well I have one of these units bagged and I await delivery.. So soon I will be able to tell you if this design is as promising as it looks.

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