Seeed Studio Reveal Tantalising Pics of a Portable Oscilloscope

image I have a feeling that when the specs are released this little digital storage oscilloscope will not pack much punch.  On the other hand size and style wise it certainly ticks some boxes not previously on the form.  Its a digital oscillioscope with storage features, SD card slot, USB port, chargeable batteries and 320x240 pixel TFT screen… All in a housing that looks like it should really be capable of making a telephone call or playing back your favourite tunes.

Depending on the price, it may be just what the hobbyist needs and easy to store.  It’s certainly a lot lot smaller than my 1980’s manufactured CRT analogue scope!  It weighs ownly 60g two, my old scope requires a bend of the knees to lift it safely.

You can now read the review of the DSO Nano here!

More pics here…

A MP4 player? A cell phone? No, a DSO slipping out of pocket… | Seeed Studio