EL 84 Headphone Amplifier in a PC Power Supply Case

image On one of my regular late night forages I came across this project via Hackaday.  It’s builder Niclas has used an existing design to create a headphone amplifier based on the EL84 tube.  Finding casework for projects can be expensive.  To top it all, most cases around this size are either pretty ugly or fairly generic in design.  Personally my preference is to the aluminium Hammond enclosures.  For instance I used two in my DDDAC1543 build.

Niclas instead went for a PC power supply, now how many of them are discarded every year, I just threw out several on a recent cupboard clearout.  I also use one as a test power supply, the internals replaced with a toroid and a rectifier circuit.  He prettied it up with a wooden fascia and has something passable and unique at the same time design wise. 

Surprisingly Niclas opted to contain the valves within the case, most builders prefer to show off their glassware. 

You can see more pictures on his blog…

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