Premier Farnell Purchases Cadsoft, What’s in Store for Eagle?

image If you have ever tried to design your own PCBs using a Computer Aided Design package, it is a good bet to say you tried out Eagle.  Ok there are other packages around (In fact Eagle is not my favourite), but Eagle as always been popular with hobbyists due to its freeware version and good quality feature set.  

Well today Premier Farnell, Electronics Components Supply Giant (Owner of Newark) announced that it has bought Cadsoft, developers of Eagle in a multi-million pound acquisition.  

In a press statement Farnell said:

"We are excited by the opportunity this acquisition affords us to attract new design engineering customers as we offer them access to industry leading software and our outstanding range of products and support. The EAGLE software will enable us to facilitate design exchange between engineers through element14, our design community, which when combined with our leading edge transactional websites
offers customers a complete online solution to their purchasing and design needs".

I am sure that there will be many hobbyists that will be watching closely to see what Farnell is going to do with the hobbyists favourite CAD software.  Hopefully this investment will see Eagle continue to thrive and continue to offer free-ware versions.  It would be very nice if they can add a quick purchase option to a completed design. 

On the other hand, there are other packages out there, I personally prefer Diptrace, again available in freeware.  I find it an easier package. 

Premier Farnell - Press Releases