The γ2 Compact High Performance DAC – AMB Labs

image I am ashamed to admit it, but I have a DAC project that fell by the wayside a few months ago.  It is the γ1 miniature DAC.  I got so far with the build but hit an unknown problem with the usb receiver section.  I must get back to it when I get my new DSO Nano Oscilloscope and try and sort out the problem. 

Just to add to my shame AMB Laboratories has added a new kit to their repertoire, The γ2 Compact High Performance DAC.  Well to call it new is not exactly right, it is actually an expansion of the γ1 design.  So there is another good reason why I need to debug my stalled project. 

So what does it do?

“On the γ2 board, the digital audio stream is up-sampled to 24-bit 96KHz by an asynchronous sample rate converter (ASRC) and then converted to analogue with Wolfson's top-of-the-line ΔΣ oversampling DAC chip. An onboard ultra-low jitter oscillator provides the master clock for the ASRC and DAC chips. A high-performance analogue output stage serves as a balanced-unbalanced converter, low-pass filter and line-drive buffer. “

I will eventually report back on the γ1 design, and then who knows perhaps the γ2 Compact High Performance DAC will be the next progression from there… Hmmm We will see

The γ2 Compact High Performance DAC