20% Discount on Kits at Chipamp.com

imageBrian over at Chipamp.com left this message on his site,

“ I have put up a new special, 20% off all kits. I will keep this special up until the end of the month.”

Chip amps are fairly simple circuits and can be made without a PCB with little to no experience of electronics building, however some prefer to stick to a kit for their first build.  Advantages are that you get to hear a tried and tested design.  This can serve as a benchmark for your next project

If you are thinking about dabbling in creating your own Gainclone type amplifier, a kit certainly makes things a little easier.

Brian has kits based on the lm3886 and lm1875 amplifier chips made by the daddy of integrated amplifier chips, National Semiconductor.  Now all you need is a good power transformer and a couple of reduced price kits….

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