Aleph PCB set for 25% off at

image The Aleph is a popular Class-A amplifier design created by the now famous Nelson Pass.  Over at Chipamp, BrianGT created the Mini Aleph Printed Circuit board, originally a special for the DiyAudio community. As a thanksgiving special this PCB is available with 25% discount until the 31st of November 09.  

The Circuit board costs $6.75 (originally $9) and for that you get a single board that is scored to allow it to snap into several pieces; 2 main amp boards, and 4 output device boards.  Of course you will have to populate these boards and provide a power supply as well.  A Bill of Materials is available here and a suitable power supply boards is also available from

The main board will work in the mini-A configuration without any output boards, or in the Aleph30 configuration with the use of the output boards.  If you have been looking to build a high quality 30W class A amplifier.  A Schematic is available here.

Postage for PCBs: $8 US, $15 INTL for as many as you order

To grab one of the discounted boards follow this link