Sparkfun Give Away 100K Worth of Stock, and Do it So Badly!


Everyone likes a bargain, and Sparkfun, a company well known amongst amateur electronics enthusiasts really captured the attention of it’s existing and potential customers with a 100 thousand dollar giveaway on the 7th of January.

Offering to giveaway 100K of stock is surely a generous gesture indeed and no doubt should have won Sparkfun the admiration and adoration of many customers.  Well that’s what you would think.

Now I doubt that many people will be surprisedIt  to hear what happened next… Sparkfun’s servers crumpled under the immense self inflicted DDos attack, even before their giveaway had begun.  Now what should have been an incredible good news story turned into a massive digital lottery for those trying to access the site.

Long before the server’s had returned to anything approaching usability, twitter and other social networking sites started to buzz with disgruntled customers who had been unable to complete their orders, despite attempting for two hours to log in an check out their goodies!

It will be interesting to see how Sparkfun fares in the aftermath of what can hardly be seen as a successful campaign.  I hope that many will take the “I didn’t loose anything” viewpoint on this one. This is a company that had a lot of goodwill in the DIY electronics community, question is will the community be in a forgiving mood?