Foobar Web Interface for HTC HD2, Work in Progress!

Screen07 This weekend I have been playing with a Foobar Plug-in called Foo_HttpControl. Essentially what the plug-in does is set up a small web server on your machine, allowing you to control Foobar remotely through any web enabled device.

My HTC HD2 Smartphone is an ideal device to use as a remote control. It sports a large (very large in fact) 800x480px resolution touch screen.

The Foobar plug-in allows for users to add their own themes, created in JavaScript. There are already some themes available, most designed for I-phones. However the due to the increased screen resolution, the HTC HD2 displays the i-phone themes with obvious pixilation.

Screen08 Though I have to admit that my coding skills are rudimentary to say the least. Hacking around with code from IxoFith, and using styling from the phone’s own ui, I have managed to create a pretty decent and functional HTC HD2 Theme for the web interface. I have some tidying up to do, but hope to post the files here shortly for other HTC HD2/Foobar Users…

The plugin and some skins are available here if you wish to give it a try…

Download my Alpha version here