Worth watching this: EEVblog – Electronics Thermal Heatsink Design Tutorial

imageI have been following a new blog recently and I would thoroughly recommend a visit to check out this podcast.  Featuring Dave Jones, the electronics world’s answer to Barry Scott, this podcast educates on how to calculate the correct sized heatsink for your electronics project.  I have always played a guessing game in my projects but after a few minutes tuition from the effervescent Mr Jones I am amazed at how simple the math is. 

Most importantly I think Dave demonstrates which shortcuts can be taken through the calculations, which to those familiar with Ohms Law will not find challenging.

EEEVblog says:

“A follow on from some of the recent blogs that have involved basic thermal heatsink calculation. This time around Dave takes you though the basic theory of thermal design and how heatsink calculations work. Then there are some real world temperature measurements to see how close to the theory we get. How do you read a heatsink thermal response graph? What is emissivity? It’s all here in thermal design 101.”


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