DSO Nano firmware major update

DSO Nano Single Trigger EventI reviewed the DSO Nano from SeeedStudio a while back and was very happy with what was a prototype.  It is fair to say that Seeedstudio have enjoyed success with the later production model of the DSO nano.  However they have not rested upon their laurels.  As well as improving upon the hardware itself since my original review, Seeedstudio has been improving upon the devices firmware.

Today (16/8/10) Seeedstudio announced a major firmware update to version 2.4.  This new version I thought was worth mentioning because it brings some major bug fixes and additional function to the DSO Nano:

According to SeeedStudio:

“APP ver 2.4 change vs. default firmware

  1. Bug fix: Can’t trigger in SINGLE mode
  2. Bug fix: Can’t continuously trigger in NORM mode
  3. Redraw screen while pressing run/stop button, clear unexpected pixels.
  4. Change SIGN mode name to SING
  5. Keep Highlight menu items while  switch between
  6. Move X. POS on divisions (25 point)  instead of points
  7. Optimized menu navigation, left/right to navigate counter-clockwise/clockwise, up/down to adjust
  8. Save parameter to internal flash instead of TF card
  9. Press OK to display/hide reference waveform
  10. Change color scheme
  11. Add Fit mode to automatically zoom to fit human view

LIB ver 2.2

1. New Seeed Stuido Logo”

I have given this a brief test and I am happy to say that the firmware improves the DSO Nano significantly.  In particular the now functioning Single mode allows single event triggers, something I know that Nano owners have looked forward to for some time. 

To find out more and download the update head here…. Seeedstudio Firmware V2.4