DSO QUAD in Development a More Powerful, Wearable Oscilloscope!


News!  This device is now at the pre-order stage and www.justblair.co.uk has an early review of the product here.


Seeed Studio is developing innovative new products at an amazing rate.  On their blog today they have announced a new oscilloscope which is currently in development and it looks like an exciting product indeed. 

I am already a fan of the DSO Nano, their first handheld oscilloscope, but I have to say what they have coming is even better!  The renders they are showing are for a wearable scope.

  • A first prototype has already been made, Named the Quad, this is a more advanced scope with more powerful performance and function.  They hope to implement the following in the product.
  • 2 Analog channel, 20mV to 10V/div, h36Msps sampling rate, approximate 30Mhz bandwidth, AC/DC coupling.
  • 2 Digital channel, ext. trigger source. Simple AD measurement of 0-5V, DC coupling.
  • 1 Analog signal generator output 10hz~20kHz customizable waveform via DAC.
  • 1 Digital signal generator output 10hz~8MHz square wave.
  • Interface for Bee series/FILM and Electronic Brick Sensors.
  • Internal 2Mb USB storage
  • Designed for hacking, over-clocking, re-purposing, mutants
  • Open source platform with APP store (building)
  • Still compact, wearable(or not), rugged,


Seeed Studio reckon they are still 2-3 months away from mass production of this design.  At this stage they are still inviting comments and suggestions from their customers via their WISH platform. 

Head over there to contribute your own ideas to the Quad’s developers Seeed and Bure (aka Chai Xiaoguang)