Spotted in the Wild, an Unusual DAC Project Based on the Twisted Pear Buffalo

twpdac1I noticed this Digital to Analogue Converter(DAC) on the Thai forum It’s a rather nice build based on the Twisted Pear Buffalo II DAC and Placid Power supply kits.  The owner has made good use of Perspex (or like material) to produce what is an interesting looking product.  Using two colours of clear material to sandwich the electronics.  I have seen many Perspex cases before, it’s a popular way to house low voltage electronics in a cheap yet attractive manner.  In fact I have a headphone amplifier and a couple of chip programmers manufactured in a similar style.

twpdac5I am not sure how useful the Perspex will be at shielding EMI from that toroid  transformer though?  I would also be somewhat nervous of having a high voltage device so open to prying fingers!  Good looking build though.  More importantly, Google translate tells me that the owner is pretty happy with the sound of the stylish new DAC

HTG2 Forum, Twisted Pear DAC