Juan Fuente’s Recycled Electronics… Is this art?

cdplayer_loadedToday I was out on my travels trying to locate a weird sized nut for a rotary encoder I am playing with.  In desperation I visited Glasgow’s Famous (some say infamous) Barras, an indoor/outdoor market.  I had no luck finding the nut i was looking for (for a 6.8mm or .268’ diameter shaft) but did stumble upon a young man who was setting up an interesting stall at the market.

Juan Fuente, a product design student has been creating goods from 100% recycled materials.  Using old stereo’s, DVD players and even a VHS machine, Juan re-cases the devices in recycled wood.

wooden_dvd_player_closeupI am sure that Juan’s designs are not to everyone’s taste, but I find the minimalism of his work rather delightful.  He lays bare some of the electronics which I think makes you more aware that this is their second life.

This fits nicely with Juan’s ethos:

“By showing my work I hope to contribute towards raising awareness of the possibilities in recycling and to provoke thoughts on what we design and how we can see the things and even the world.”

He has a website, where you can see some examples of his work, If you live in Glasgow then you can visit Juan at the Barras Market on Saturday’s and Sundays

See more at RecycledBrain, the CD player and DVD player can be found in the Wood collection Section.