Windows 8.1 Compatible Drivers for the USBtinyISP

I have been using Windows 8 on my Lenovo Ideapad for some time now.  It is fair to say that Windows 8 has been the unlucky recipient of a huge amount of criticism and it is also fair to say that this criticism has been fair.  So when Windows 8.1 Beta came out I could not resist its pull for too long and decided that installing a possibly buggy beta was preferably to tolerating the mess that is Windows 8 for any longer…. Then I tried to program an ATtiny85 and found the drivers did not work!  Happily I fixed it.

The USBtinyISP programmer is an AVR in circuit serial programmer that I purchased from Adafruit some time ago.  As it is based on libusb creating Windows drivers turned out to be pretty easy.  I simply downloaded the driver set via and then used the inf-wizard.exe to create updated  drivers.

You can find the drivers on my Github page here…

These are not well packaged and even less well tested, but I got my programmer working using them.  I installed them with the Windows 8.1 with “disable driver signature enforcement” though as I understand it this should not be required to do this.  I used the update driver tool in Windows device manager to install the driver.  I have left the installation programs in place but they are untested.

Hopefully I can save someone else some head scratching with this updated driver package