Welcome to Malaysia

This week has been an interesting week for the site.  www.justblair.co.uk has seen a large increase in visits in the last week.


The site has been roughly doubling the number of unique hits week on week since I started it on the 4th of August this year.  Hopefully the increase in content is going to keep your interest and keep people coming back with their friends.


 {include_content_item 45}One driver for visitors has been my Tripath 2024 Gain calculator.  I am by trade an IT instructor, so I tend to build spreadsheets to help me out with the math when I am exploring designs, quite often I find that building a spreadsheet aids my understanding of the formula (though often not).  Each time I build a new sheet, I have them converted to javascript and publish them to the site.  My aim is to add at least one calculator each week.  If there is an online calculator you think would be useful, please contact me 


I have also been experimenting with an embedded gallery view in articles.  You can see the first example of this on my HTPC gallery.  I am going to use this template for older projects that I don't have step by step photos of the build.    I also leave an open invitation to anyone who has projects they would like to see on the site but who perhaps does not have time to write a full article. You can submit pictures and a short description of your project and I will publish them for posterity.


Asides from that i have added to my bank of Sure Electronics Tripath 2024 Module articles to include Power Line Modifications and my first impressions of using boutique DC blocking Caps on the input.


So what has this got to do with Malaysia?  Well this week I was linked to from within a very interesting thread on Lowyat.net.  Lowyat is a Malaysian forum billing itself as "Malaysia's Tech Enthusiasts Resource Community".  The thread that linked to me covers an interesting little T-amp that I have seen before on diyaudio.com.  Its a Chinese made board that seems to be spreading the globe in its own humble manner.  I joined the Lowyat forum and have been in interesting discussion with some of the members there.  It is a very nice forum and worth of a visit.


Another interesting link is to this review of the same Tripath 2024 based amplifier written by Y.C., a member of the same site who maintains a blog.


So it has been a nice week being introduced to some like minded hobbyists from the other side of the world. 


So welcome to Justblair.com wherever you are.  Please feel free to leave comment or contact me