Momolight, Can you help?

The first time that I saw the momolight project, I knew that I had to build one. 


For those of you who have not seen it, Momolight is a homebrew version of the Philips Ambilight system.  It is a set of Red Green and Blue lights, either LED or Cold Cathode which controlled by a microcontroller.  Using PWM, any colour can be made from the RGB lights. The lights are mounted on the rear, in left, right and top positions, of your TV


{include_content_item 45}On your media PC, software samples the video image, say from a movie and lights up the corresponding left, right or top backlights to match the prominent colour in the screen to the backlight.  The effect is that the walls around your tv light up, extending the prominent colour from the perimeters of the TV.  Because your eyes are focussed on the TV itself, the coloured walls are in your peripheral vision.  The hint of colour in your periphery tricks your brain into believing the image stretches further than the confines of your screen.


So far I have built a controller based on the plans at this site..  Momolight Guide


My problem so far is this.  Momolight has PC software to control it, well really its a directshow filter which integrates with Zoomplayer or BSPlayer.  A variation of the software, Boblight will run on a PC without the Zoomplayer or BS player, but to use it Hardware overlay must be switched off.


I use a Ati HD3400 series graphics card, and Windows Vista Media Center to control my multimedia.  I do not wish to move away from Media Center as it is hte best media center that I have used. 


So here is where I could use some help.  Does anyone happen to know if there is an updated momolight filter, or is clever enough to adapt the existing one for Media Center use?  If not, perhaps you know how to force an ATi card into non-overlay mode.


I would be very grateful if you could contact me!