An update on the site...

Hi all


I have been very busy working on the site over the last couple of weeks.  One or two changes to the appearance of the site have been the result.  I hope that you like the Tag cloud that has appeared in the top left hand corner.  I am still making my mind up whether I am happy with its final resting place, however I am planning to run with it for a week or so to see if it gets used.  Comments on it are very welcome.


Other differences you may not have noticed, they are more in the back end of the site.  Last Sunday I had the Hard drive silencing article featured on the front page of www.slashdot.organd the traffic volume shot up.  Its a slightly surreal experience sitting in your pyjamas, hangover raging, watching the visits to your site rise from 150 visits per day up to several hundred visits every minute.  Needless to say, the "curse of slashdot" befell the site after a few hours and my service provider's servers shut down the site.  It took a coupe of days of e-mails backwards and forwards to get the site back on its feet. 


Needless to say I have had to learn some emergency coding.  I wanted to be ready if the site gets traffic of this magnitude again.  I think that I am now as ready as I can be should the traffic levels peak like this again.  I have placed some code that should distribute the site traffic to a mirror network when the server is under pressure.


All this new learning has eaten into my project time recently.  Fortunately Aleš Mravlak has been busy, submitting an interesting and informative article about the Sure Tripath TA2024 evaluation board that he bought from Arjen Helder in china.  He has modified the board extensively.  Impressive work I think that you will agree.


Another author to submit recently was Robert Powell who contributed an article on his succession of Gainclone Amplifiers.  I especially like the bread bin that he adapted as a case.  Very imaginative.  Check out also his obscure sugar puff reference.  I bet you go "Eh?  Oh yeaaaaaah...  How true"


So there we are, a busy couple of weeks for the site and for me.  Frusrating slightly that i have not managed to pick up a slodering iron for a while, but gratifying also to have received so many visits recently.  I hope that I can continue to supply content that interests so many readers, both from my own project box and also from the project boxes of other hobbyists,  I am sure we all agree that Aleš and Robert have made interesting and valuable contributions!