YC's Passive Preamplifier

YC's Pre-amplifierYC, over on his blog Finetone - An Audio Odyssey has released pictures of his latest project, a passive preamplifier.  Passive?  Are pre-amps not meant to be active devices?


YC doesn't think so, and even though details are not yet complete about the design of his build, he gives some persuasive reasoning as to his choice to go passive with this pre-amp.


His design he mentions is based on the Audio Synthesis Passion, externally the first images he has released bear a close resemblance with a neat black anodised case and gold detailing.


Internally he description belies the attention to detail that he has bestowed on this pre-amp using the similar ingredients to the Audio Synthesis.  High quality wiring, a stepped attenuator and more.

Go Visit his blog to find out more about what is a simple, yet clearly well considered design.