Justblair’s Audio Pages is Looking for a New Name

mw_joomla_logoJustblair’s Audio and Electronics Pages has been around now for 6 months.  Since I first put fingertips to the keyboard, a lot has happened to the site.  But this has only been the start, time to reflect and grow more.



Quite a few of the features that have been added to the site have proven to be popular… Too popular in some cases, the site crashed just a couple of months into its existence when it was front paged on www.digg.com.  Other articles have had somewhat more manageable, consistent traffic.  Thank you again to all of the contributors who have placed articles on the site.


A lot of the work on the site has been preparing features that I hope will make the site a useful and popular first click for Audio, Electronics and Media PC enthusiasts,  These may yet to become popular, for instance the forum is looking more than a little sparse, The web links section is growing, but is nowhere near the comprehensive resource that I dream it will one day be.


Most of all I want the site to host a wealth of articles, blog entries and features from both my own workbench but more importantly from a wide selection of hobbyist authors.  I really believe that there is a need for a central project depository where a beginner, intermediate or advanced hobbyist can surf other community members efforts for inspiration, education or just to wile away an hour or two while a soldering iron burn subsides!


Its a lofty ambition certainly, and a lot of hard work is on the horizon.


As I have been thinking how best to proceed, one issue  has been haunting me since pretty much I started building the site.  Justblair’s is a memorable name I think, but I am not sure as to whether it fits into my plans for the site.  I want the site to grow as a community resource, and I am thinking along the lines of a more general name for the site to make it less personal to me and more of a location that everyone who contributes or visits can think of as home.


So my plan is to register a new name for the site, and move the Justblair title to my own blog contained within the site.


So here is where the comments box below comes in.  I would like to hear opinions on what you think?  Do you like the Justblair title?  Do you have alternate suggestions for a name?


Please chip in your pennies worth below.  Better still contact me if you have ideas that you would like to have a hand in creating.