Have you tried to contact me?

No I am not lonely… well not that lonely anyway.  The reason that I ask is that I received a message from a friend to say that he had tried to contact me via the site. Unfortunately the mail did not get through to me.  I am hoping that this is a one off!


Unfortunately in these days of bountiful spam, publishing an e-mail address just screams “I NEED V1A6RA” from the rooftops and many thousands of helpful souls will endeavour to help how they can.  So what I am doing is this.


I am opening a forum page for lost comments, or alternately if you have been trying to contact me and I have not got back to you, please leave a comment here.  Of course if you do have V1A6RA too sell, can I possibly suggest spamming someone else.. I’ve got plenty thanks!


Bye for now