2 Great Ways to Subscribe to Justblair's Audio and Electronics Pages

image I hope that you have had a chance to look around the site and have enjoyed your stay at Justblair’s.  The site is relatively new, but is hopefully growing in its size and quality every day.  Keeping up to date with a site can be hard work, but this week I have been working on the site to develop the sites feed capabilities.  The result of my efforts is two hopefully convenient and easy method that we can keep you up to date with new articles and blog entries as they are published.


Method 1


We have teamed up with feedburner to provide what will hopefully be as accessible a feed system as can be had.  If you are all set up to recieve feeds already then please click the giant feed logo you can see on the right hand side.  This can be used to add an RSS feed to your favourite application, browser or web reader.


Method 2

The second tool that can keep you up to date with the site is by e-mail subscription.  Fill in your e-mail address into the form below and you can receive automatic updates as new items and articles are added to www.justblair.co.uk.  Don’t worry, we won’t stalk you or anything!  Just deliver article goodness to your inbox.


Get latest articles direct to your e-mail inbox, to subscribe Enter your email address:


You should receive a confirmation e-mail quite quickly after you register.   You of course may un-register at any time though we would be baffled if you did.


Q & A


Q.  What are these RSS Feeds that I keep reading about?

A.  RSS feeds are a method of reading content from a website automagically.  Using a Feed reader, an e-mail program or alternately an online feed reader you can be updated when your favourite web sites submit new content.  This means you spend less time browsing around for fresh content and can take in more interesting “stuff” from the web.  RSS by the way is not the only type of feed out there.  Fortunately Justblair’s feed manager can supply you feeds in almost all of the correct formats out there.


Q.  I don’t have a feed reader on my PC and I am unwilling/unable to install one.  Does that mean I miss out on all the RSS Feed goodness?

A.  No not at all, I wouldn’t wish that kind of feed exclusion on anyone.  If you are using a web mail service, you may find that already your webmail provider has an online feed reader attached to your account.  I for instance use Google reader as I couldn’t find a reliable software based feed reader for my home computer system.


Q.  Nope I’m a technophobe through and through and I still don’t get this whole feed thing, looks like the whole feed revolution is going to pass me by?

A.  Fear not… We don’t just do this for any Tom, Dick or Harry…  This is why an e-mail service has been set up.  Enter your e-mail address in the form further up this page and follow the registration instructions.  Every night (GMT) we have special e-mail fairies that will slavishly copy the feed and send it you your address.  Not quite as instant as checking a feed reader, but quick enough that you shouldn’t feel too left out.


Q.  I’ve joined up to your feed/e-mail notification and I haven’t heard anything from the site for a few days.  Did I do something wrong?

A.  You broke the whole internet. Na only kidding.  Justblair’s is a hobbyist site, no busy news desk with lots of coffee and screams of “hold the front page” here.  Just Audio, PC-Media and Electronics enthuisiasts contributing when they can.  Sometimes the feeds will be busy, others quieter.  Don’t panic and remember that good things come to those that wait.


For further info on feeds, try typing RSS into www.google.com and you will find a wealth of material as well as software packages for handing your feeds.