Designing Your Own Custom Proto-Boards

image Thunderhammer3000 (AKA Ben Scott) has posted a great idea over on Flickr.  Frustrated at the low quality of standard proto-board Thunderhammer designed some for personal use and then had a large batch made up for projects.

Ben is clearly an AVR enthusiast, and has geared the prototyping board with space in mind for one of these IC’s, but looking at it I was thinking that an audio proto-typer’s board would also be a useful tool. 

I may even make a design up for myself and organize a group buy.  If you are interested in helping out with the design, why not drop a mention in the comments section here.  Ideas I have had so far would be:

  • A few sections for surface mount/dip op-amps, this would be ideal for experimenting with active filters.  These could also be cut out to use as adaptors to allow surface mount op amps to replace dip devices when upgrading equipment
  • A resistor ladder for creating volume controls
  • Some relay sections close to the item above
  • Some inputs for RCA
  • Some chock block outputs
  • Perhaps an AVR or PIC section
  • Some contact points for attaching signal generators or oscilloscopes
  • Perhaps connectors for chip amps such as the lm3875

Anyone else have ideas that would be useful to you?

By buying quite a few in the production run Ben managed to get the price down to around $4 per board.  To get high quality proto-board at this price is pretty reasonable, especially if it could serve a few functions.