Klipsch Ultra 2.0 hack


I love to see computer equipment hacked, and have a keen interest in Audio.  Therefore give me a piece of audio equipment designed for use with a PC modified in some way and my interests are covered on both sides.  That is what Patrick has done.

Having some issues with a volume pot in these powered monitors spurred Patrick on to convert them to non-active speakers.  To do so Patrick decided to use the existing phono connections to be his speaker inputs.  This is not something that I would choose to do, even cheap binding posts would allow for a better electrical connection.

However we work with what we have got, so credit to him for diving in to change things around. 

Of course this type of mass market PC speaker is never going to set your ears alight, even with an external amplifier but I they are shielded, and a practical design for what they are designed for. 

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