HHB CDR850 Plus

HHB CDR850 Plus

image Searching for a good CD player wasn't easy. I wanted a unit with balanced analogue XLR outputs and, would not go out of date so fast..

To my surprise the unit also records on CDR and CDRW media which wasn't a factor in my purchase. But seeing how it could record, I knew that it could play CDR media - something most high-end (notably the HDCD cd players) don't support.  Also I noticed that this is the first cd player I've ever seen with LED dB output meters (just like on tape decks and DAT units).

Article originally published on Brendon Lees Geocities Site, Published by kind permission of Brendon Lee

image Looking closely to the picture of the back of the CD player. You can see that it has well equipped I/O. At the middle right side you can see that it has a "BALANCED Digital XLR output". Something I've never seen in high-end consumer audio. Furthermore below, you can see that it features a "Word Clock" interface. It always makes me wonder why high-end audiophiles keep beating the issue of jitter control problems with their SP/DIF units when all they really need is the word clock interface and kiss all your jitter problems goodbye.
Now, if someone knows of a good external DAC that supports balanced digital inputs with the word clock interface... please let me know. Latest craze I see is some 24 bit up-sampling technique which really isn't day and night improvement in sound

What's inside ?

The unit is actually made by Pioneer and geared towards studio recording or road / flight gear use (just like their TAD gear which costs a fortune). So naturally it's built like a tank and weighs about 16 lbs. Some CD players just don't play to well at high SPL or with extreme vibrations. So why mess around with putting weights on some high-end CD players or using space age feet/stands when you can buy a purpose built CD player able to handle rough conditions.

  • Multi-Level Delta Sigma 20bit DAC
  • Direct construction with minimized signal path and separated digital and analogue (reduces cross-interference between signals)
  • 1 Bit A/D converter ; zero-cross distortion does not occur from this principal
Frequency Response: 2 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 1dB
Playback S/N: 109 dB
Playback Dynamic Range: 98 dB
Playback THD: 0.0022%
XLR O/P level (0 dBfs: > 10kOhm load): 20 +/- 1 dBu
RCA O/P level (0 dBfs: > 10kOhm load): 8 +/- 1 dBu