Adding a touch screen to an Asus Eee PC 901.


I recently purchased an Asus Eee PC 901 ultra portable PC.For those yet unfamiliar with these devices, the Eee range of PC's from Asus are ultra mobilepersonal computers which although not the most powerful computers, are incredibly small. This semi guide cover the installation of a touch screen to the Eee PC 901 from Asus. With a couple of hard lessons learned hopefully I can impart to you some tips that will save you money and hassle.


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Silencing a hard drive

This guide shows how a hard drive can be effectively silenced using some household items and an aluminium enclosure.  I performed this modification a while back on a passively cooled pc.  The hard drive used was an IDE drive.  Even in an open case, with no other fan noise, this device reduced almost all hard drive noise to complete silence.

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Adding an internal USB Port

usbheaderstartThe Antec Fusion case that i currently use as my HTPC comes with many laudable features, however I found myself quickly running out of USB ports.  Rather than sully the elegant front panel with a USB memory stick permanently sticking out, I decided to produce an internal USB port to house the stick.

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My Current HTPC

dscn0816Computer based media has traditionally been a compromise over quality versus storage requirements.  However with advancements in Hard drive and other storage mediums providing a glut of storage space, it is no longer a requirement that music, films and images be stored in heavily compressed formats.


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Stealth Bedroom HTPC

This article includes a photo gallery of a project I conpleted a couple of years ago.  It was a stealth HTPC installation in the bedroom of my then bachelor pad.  The PC was built into a hand made desk and silenced.  Features included were a silenced hard drive, slowed fans and thermal management system that exhausted the hot air into a sound trap.


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