More fixing of Squeezeplay for the Joggler


Sometimes a job that seems at first glance to be quite easy, can end up being frustrating and time consuming. 

This little adjustment to 3guk’s Squeezeplay template for the Joggler was one of those tasks.  I had previously fixed a couple of graphics glitches on the 3guk’s excellent skin and this had not been too difficult.  Although written in lua, a programming language I have no experience of, I had not had too many problems.  All of the adjustments had been little more than edits to graphics files.

The keyboard is used within the Squeezeplay user interface for inputting search terms or for setting the name of the squeezeplayer etc.  Adjusting the interface turned out to be more complex than adjusting the graphics.  Several lua files had to be edited. 

I have included a tar file at the following link…

Download here!

The tar file includes several files all within the correct directory structure.  If you have installed Squeezeplay to the Joggler using Tarkan’s script

, you should unpack and copy the whole contents of the tar file to…


I also added a correctly sized splash screen (courtesy of Earthski at forums) to the file as well as the previous corrections to the skin that I reported in my last blog post.