Stealth Bedroom HTPC

Stealth Bedroom HTPC

This article includes a photo gallery of a project I conpleted a couple of years ago.  It was a stealth HTPC installation in the bedroom of my then bachelor pad.  The PC was built into a hand made desk and silenced.  Features included were a silenced hard drive, slowed fans and thermal management system that exhausted the hot air into a sound trap.



The whole desk I built myself and it included a subwoofer, flat panel speakers, X10 controlled lights and super shallow drawers to give the room the illusion of more space.


The flat is still in my possession though now a tenant has the advantage of the Media centre.



The interior of the Steath PC,  You can see lots of foam noise insulation

1740924415_b155492d17 At the rear, exhaust gasses exit from the power supply into a noise baffled U bend to further reduce noise


1740926235_3e93fc9f65 Here is the rear of the PC “Drawer


1740926901_31448912aa Here is the complete Drawer unit including its noise reducing foam lid

1740927251_363668ca34 A shot from inside the unit.  Air is sucked in from the bottom of the unit

1740927889_47b0e90847 Here is a long shot of the whole desk assembly,

1741774638_735bed3012 Another inside shot, here you can see the passive heatsink for the graphics card


Here you can see the cooling fan for the CPU, it is angled at 45 degrees via a duct, this reduces noise and also grabs the flow of air so as to direct it around the graphics card

1741776268_ed1173945d In the back of the desk is the cable management and…

1741776800_c4a9830938 …..a subwoofer


A close up shot of th working area.  Super flat speakers may not be an audiophiles dream, but with the subwoofer giving decent range, they sound ok for the odd low volume tune.