Soldering is the one thing the amateur in electronics cannot avoid.  These articles relate to soldering techniques and tools that make the job easier.

Seeed Studio DSO Nano, Pocket Digital Storage Oscilloscope - Review

DSCN1711 For those starting out in electronics as a hobby there are some tools that are required for the job.  To begin with, a soldering iron, some screw drivers, perhaps tweezers and of course a multi-meter are probably what you would consider essential. 

After a while though, you are going to be looking for more.  Amongst the other goodies out there to help you on your way are oscilloscopes.  In the past, advice on forums has always tended more towards purchasing a second hand scope.  These tend to be had for around £100 on places like E-bay and most certainly will be a few years old if available at this sort of price.  Well that is changing and I was excited yesterday to get my hands on a “Scope” that may just re-write the forum advice.  Meet the Nano DSO from Seed Studio…

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The Kada 852 Heating elements

In response to a question by Alex, I took a couple of pictures of the Kada 852 stations heating elements.


Here is the spare heating element from the hot air solder tool.  You can see it is constructed from a ceramic rod, Attached is a metal matrix.  You can see there is cables for the heating element attached as well as the wires for the temperature sensor. 


Within the sodering iron is a ceramic heating element.  The tips are standard looking solder station tips.  The tips are easy to remove and reinstall. 

The Kada 852 SMT Solderstation

dscn0550I recently was gifted a Kada 852D solder station.  I have wanted one for a while, but these are normally expensive items.  However the wonder of the far east, EBay and reliable intercontinental postage has opened up a new market for cheap, apparently high value tools that are within the price range of the hobbyist.

Do you get just what you pay for, or are these Far Eastern imports true bargains?

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