Kada 852D SMT Solder Station Review

The Kada 852 SMT Solderstation


Comparatively the Kada 852D SMT Solder Station is a cheap piece of equipment.  As such I don't think that I was expecting it to be gilded with gold.  Its a lightweight machine.  The casework is made from reasonably thin metal, the paintwork is not up to Daimler standards.  However.  It has many good points, price being perhaps its main selling point.


  • Digitally controlled temperature
  • Quick warm up times
  • Comfortable grips on both attachments
  • Selection of heat nozzles
  • Spare heating element
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy interface
  • Lightweight pencil dimensioned soldering iron
  • Very fine solder tip
  • A selection of tips and heat nozzles available for a little extra investment.


  • Quality control could do with some work (i.e screws not fully tight, strain relief on iron not attached).
  • Paintwork is cheap and cheerful, not very scratch resistant
  • Non-UK moulded plug attached
  • Captive main lead
  • Confusing translation of the instructions
  • Manual does not give detailed setup instructions
  • Light Build possibly not durable enough for heavy use
  • Solder iron holder is pretty poor in terms of weigh and lack of rubber feet

I think I have perhaps knit picked a little, please bear in mind just how much better a tool like this is compared to a 240v AC basic soldering iron:

  • Light
  • Temperature controlled
  • Quick warm up times
  •  Smt work and rework is much quicker.

If I was asked to recommend this product to another hobbyist what would I say?

I think it would have to be a thumbs up.  Sure you maybe don't get the most refined product in the world.  But you are not spending hundreds of pounds here.  This machine is less than £80 if you buy it and a selection of solder tips.  You cant say fairer than that.  Of course the proof will be in the reliability of the machine.  I will be giving it some use in the coming months.  If it earns its keep then I will be 100% chuffed.